Monday, August 12, 2013

Gibraltar: Gibraltar Mosque. Europa Point Mosque. Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim. Muslim Past and Present

See the famous rock in the background. Hear the call to prayer,; 
and the link to a video of the interior at  This is not an ancient mosque, however, despite the long history of migrations, invasions, peoples crossing from the North of Africa to the Iberian Peninsula.  This is new, and part of a complex, see

Gibraltar in the news, with the construction of reefs strategically by the Gibraltans, and opposed by Spain.  See  How to put that issue in perspective? Why is it so important? See the role of reefs, docking, in a commercial video, for Gibraltar.   Spain's opposition?  It wants a reversion of Gibraltar to its territory.  Other reasons?

Gibraltar is one of the ancient Pillars of Hercules, and any long-form presentation seeks to provide good sites for further looks, see here; but for an idea of the role of reefs, and docking space, see a touristy video at

For a fast visit, as ours, with a single overnight and two full days (arrive early AM, leave late PM next day), photographs are not a priority.  So, videos..

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